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Class NeoContractIdentity


  • NeoContractIdentity



Static createRootKey

Static getIdentityExists

Static getKeyByHolder

Static getKeyByHolderSub

Static getKeyByIssuer

Static getKeyByPointer

Static getKeychainWritePointer

  • getKeychainWritePointer(network: NetworkItem, identityContractHash: ScriptHash): Promise<number | undefined>

Static getRootKeyByIdentity

Static getRootKeyByPointer

Static getRootKeyWritePointer

  • getRootKeyWritePointer(network: NetworkItem, identityContractHash: ScriptHash): Promise<number | undefined>

Static getTargetKeys

Static issueKey

  • Issues a new key to an identity's keychain.


    • network: NetworkItem

      The Neo network target.

    • identityContractHash: ScriptHash

      The identity script hash found which can be found by using NeoContractNameService.getAddress.

    • holder: Identity

      The identity which the key will be issued to. When using a security method, this user's information will be used to secure the payload.

    • owner: Identity

      The owner of the key. This user has the ability to operate on the key using methods to edit and delete it.

    • sub: Identity

      The subject of the key. For example, claim_id:0 maybe refer to the first attestation in a claim.

    • type: string

      The type of the key. This is primarily used for query efficiency and grouping. It is free form. For Vivid, we use proof to indicate a key against an attestation.

    • payload: Buffer

      The unsecured payload which will be secured and issued to the holder.

    • encryption: EncryptionMethod

      The encryption regime to use.

    • wif: WIF

      The key issuer's WIF.

    Returns Promise<void>

Static revokeKeyByPointer

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